Axis 370 Freeride Carbon Rear Wing - Demo

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The AXIS 370 Carbon Rear Wing is the carving specialist. Even looser than the 400 rear wing, it's one of the most turny and performance oriented rear wing on our collection. 

A must have with the 750, 680 and 660 front wings, but also works miracles with the bigger wings, making the ride more playful and high performing. And when combined with the ULTRA Short Red fuselage then your ride gets looser than ever!

When you purchase the AXIS 370 carbon rear wing we include an AXIS padded cover with zipper, in heather gray, and AXIS branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage.

WINGSPAN: 370 mm / 14.57 in 

CHORD: 90 mm / 3.15 in


ACTUAL AREA : 239.54 cm² / 37.13 IN² 

PROJECTED AREA: 227.61 cm² / 35.28 IN² 

VOLUME: 123.28 cm³ / 7.52 IN³