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Tef-Gel 10g

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Perfect for Hydrofoiling assembly and any dissimilar metals assembly.
  • Corrosion Eliminator
  • Anti-Seize
  • Assembly Lubricant
  • Never dries out, white and paintable
  • Stops Galling, corrosion, seizing
  • Prevents corrosion between all dissimilar metals and calling of all grades of stainless steel
  • absolutely NON TOXIC to people or marine ecosystems
  • Free of volatile solvents, silicones and all petrochemicals
  • Contains PTFE (Teflon), providing high load lubricant
  • Exceptional assembly lubricant providing long term protection to hardware for future disassembly
  • Completely resistant to fresh or salt water and detergents. Ideal for immersed/wet fittings
  • Superior dielectric gel to protect electrical connections 
  • Indefinite shelf life